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Unnamed Fantasy Novel

I don’t know why I have so much trouble with names, so it’s unnamed. (It took me three days after I got my dog to name him – and then I named him Moose). But I feel like named or not, it’s important and making progress. 

Brief (thrown together) Description: 

Raya and Darren are twins, born with the potential to be the most powerful, if unconventional, mage pairing in the Kingdom. But when the Crown Prince assassinates the King with a magical tool created by Raya, their lives and position hang in the balance. 

Born the King’s bastard second son, Kieran was lucky to obtain a place at his younger brothers side. Now, with Lewis in line for the throne, he finds himself doubting his brother’s ability to rule, and his ability to serve. 

When the Crown Prince returns to take the throne he killed for, Raya, Kieran and Lewis must learn to trust each other in order to save Lewis’s throne.

Unnamed Fantasy Novel - Draft One
Unnamed Fantasy Novel - Rewrite Outline
Unnamed Fantasy Novel - Draft Two